Shared folders names

I am in process to migrate our office from a SBS 2008 server to Nethserver and I would like to confirm my findings on the naming convention for Shared Folders.
The shared folders names should not contain capital letters, max length 12 characters, etc (share names) but the same restriction does not apply to all sub-folders. Is that correct?

I ran a simple test by creating a folder (test) and copying into them part of our data tree : folders and sub-folders several level deep whose names contain capital letters, spaces and foreign characters (Simplified Chinese).
The copy was successful and I was able to access and modify any level of the copied structure.
Is that the expected behavior?

Thank you


Also check this with ‘normal’ accounts.

Hi @maxbet ,

Maybe it can be felpful:

or Use WEB UI ACL :

@maxbet did you sort your problem out?


I did not get the confirmation I was seeking for, but I consider my test correct and will implement the filer soon. You can read more about it in my introduction.