Shared Folder with OpenLDAP authenticator: where are the configurations?

Nethserver 7.3.1611 (rc4)

I’m trying Shared Folders with OpenLDAP but, in dashboard, I can only set if the folder “is browseable” and the “Recycle Bin”.

I can’t find where I can assign a read/write group, if the share is browseable by guest user, etc… like in NS 6.8

Thank you

The Open LDAP account provider has no options to set share permissions. You can’t use ACL file permissions if you use OpenLDAP account provider.
If your goal is too set share permissions you have to go with Samba4 AD account provider.


So I can’t have the configuration panel of the shared folders as in v 6.8?

No good…

You can have the same configuration only if nethserver-dc is installed.

I’m a bit confused…

If I want only a workgroup, I can’t have the full configuration of shared folders.
If I want the full configuration of shared folders i have to setup a domain.


Exactly: it’s a design choice to support both Samba AD and OpenLDAP.

Please follow this thread:

The whole decision comes to a very long discussion, just few pointers:

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Where is “I don’t like that” button?

You can still have the same functions of ns6 by installing nethserver-dc: why don’t you like it?

Because I don’t want to setup a domain and have same functions of NG 6.x

Why don’t you want it? Please help me to understand your point of view! :pray:

Because I think that’s superflous setup a domain when there are only few users or when I have to integrate the server in a already existent lan where I don’t have the full control or where I have to reconfigure a lot of things, etc…

I understand in this scenario the additional IP required by nethserver-dc could be a limitation.

We could tweak its network configuration, to bind an internal virtual adapter and make the DC disappear completely from the LAN, or assign it to a different subnet and add an IP alias for the server itself.

Why is it superfluous?

What are those things?

I think that your point of view could be acceptable but sometimes you need to make choices and as @giacomo already said we have discussed that a lot openly and transparently.
By now, we couldn’t technically do more and I hope that you are able to get the complexity here since we have changed many things with the 7 version.
Honestly, I think that your “I don’t like that” doesn’t respect our discussions, I encourage you to keep the topic positive and constructive :relaxed:

I tried specifying a different address in another subnet than green lan in “account provider” during the creation of the DC but I have an error:

IP address
Must be part of a green network with bridge interface

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