Shared folder issues

Hi there,
using NethServer on a production server from a couple of months (now 6.8)… overall satisfied… I’ve a couple of suggestions but first of all I need to solve some issues about shared folders.

I’ve created a single simple shared folder that is my main data folder, shared wiith windows 7/XP client on a wired network, propietary: local users, no web access, virtual bin enabled.

  1. When on my windows 7 (connected via nethserver admin account) client I change/update any file, other client XP (accessing share as normal user) based don’t see the updated file… it remain the same with no update in last modified date. The only way to see updated file is restarting client or server.
    This Is a problem to me as people on my network seems not able to access updated files, even if they can create delete edit files.
  2. I created some test folder via nethserver ui. .then deleted them, but they’re still ‘visible’ on my network and available in the backup why?