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(Alessio Fattorini) #102

Wow! I love the right one :smiley: What about the lights? Effects?

With Foreman? Can you add more details?

That’s some kind of art I guess :smiley:

(Kirk Macdonald) #103

Yep the witchdoctor tower is pretty cool you can change the light settings too with a remote pretty cool

Foreman / Katello and Nethserver lmao please don’t get me started here a a few pictures to show them running together check the ip and the time stamp i have shown you the ip so you can see the co exists on the same system however i do have all 3 running through https with lets encrypt domain certs

The idea i have in my head is nethserver for the firewall, security vpns proxies ad accounts etc
docker swarm for my websites, app developments, mail servers, databases, cloud infrastructure, datacenter, bigdata etc

The reason i choose this as each of these services, containers apps etc can be scaled at ease or even automatically when these services app etc become under load, sharing resources across many nodes also easily descale or if a node goes down fine docker will replicate the container or service lost on another node automatically on any machine it finds to keep the scale you set

Foreman will be solely for managing theses nodes, and provisioning theses nodes simply connect a node and foreman will automatically provision them to what ever os i want even a custom golden image set network settings either automatically or a press of a button i mean who wants to manually provision a machine these days when you don’t have to lol.

How i got foreman and nethserver working together well lets just say I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY ONE WHO IS NOT WILLING TO SOLVE PROBLEMS ON THERE OWN OR WILL JUST GIVE UP


There is no manual for this approach and do not expect to find any help online you will have to work stuff out your self.

Well any ways after many many many complete reinstalls and starting from scratch nights where i was screaming saying i cant do this well i did.

Problems i found along the way

Fresh install.

Installing foreman / katello completely breaks nethserver and i mean completely it removes a lot of dependences

I found also katello does not install of the bat you cant install foreman then katello it breaks formean so have to reinstall nethserver from scratch because when you remove katello or forman it removes a whole lot of dependencies which never get reinstalled reinstalling leaving you for weeks scratching you head wondering why kattello wont install again.

My advise don’t go for foreman install, install katello because this install foreman too

I had to install different versions of ruby via rvm as the dependencies required to build katello require different version stupid but nokgirl wouldn’t build via one version and another package required x version absolutely mad.

Any way katello / forman installed what i found out now is nethserver was broken so i went to work what i had discovered was katelo completely removed httpd and its dependencies so i reinstalled them nethserver-httpd* php* still did not work still some files missing so i went into debug mode to find out what was wrong so i reinstalled a lot of things that got deleted had to reinstall nethserver-collectd* many many many things.

Still did not work complained about mpm module so i fired up a vm copied the httpd folder to my nethserver and voila Nethserver and foreman working together.

I had to manually install my letsencrypt cert to a couple of foreman files crane and foreman-ssl to be precise and hey presto.

I do not advise any one to do this especially on a complete nethserver

There are a few bugs i need to iron out in this as samba audit web proxy stats etc does not work i think its to do with the url redirect not sure as i have not had time to look at this as im working on many things at the moment i have 3 kids im the house husband now as my wife went to work full time whilst i work on this project getting the business ready for next year

This is not a complete method and there are many things to fix still but its a working progress