Setting up groups and related shares

Hi everybody,

this is just a request for confirmation, as I am used to a different behavior of Samba.

I want to set up a user group, e.g. “parents”, “kids” of “family”. Each group will be populated with respective users, e.g. “mum”, “dad”, “son1”, “son2” and “daughter”. Each user shall have his own user share.
I guess, Nethserver does not know nested groups, e.g. “family” consists of “parents” and “kids”, correct?
In the second instance, I want to create a share called “parents” with “parants” as the owner group. This seems not to be possible, is it? Nethserver tells me, that there is already an object with the same name available. Are these shares already created with the group which will be the owning group? If so, I do not find this group to be populated with users.


shares, users and groups are all in the same configuration db (search here and in documentation for the meaning of DB in NS’ way)… so you can’t have 2 entities with the same name…

you can’t have nested groups indeed

Hi Stefano,

this already means that the user “foo” can not have a share called “foo”, too, correct?


yes, you’re right…
and this is correct in an user’s perspective, since you’ve the user home dir already shared…

But I understand that the group/shares thing can be trickie to understand :wink:

Ok, understood, but this is what i wanted: If the users home dir is already shared, this is fine. I feard a vice versa approach - which would be really stupid:

The user’s home dir is not shared and an alternative share had to be created for each user.

But derived from that my initial (wrong) conclusion was: a group will have an own share as well - a cool Feature treating Groups and users in the same way: create a group and a Groups share is created in parallel…

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users have their own homedir automagically shared, groups no…

you’ve to create shares with different names and give them the right ownership