Set up Nameservers


What do you mean with “nameserver”?
Do you mean DNS, Domain Name Server?

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Unfortunately NS can’t act as an Authoritative DNS server.

Please read this topic: External DNS Management

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Thanks a lot, Gabriel! (Multumesc mult!)

I guess i have to try other solutions!

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I still use Windows 2k3 Server as Authoritative DNS Server (till now, the best solution for me).
And I still looking for a (Linux with GUI) solution to replace it!

You should try Debian+Ispconfig3 (i know it does more but you should give it a try)


In the dnsmasq man page…

Dnsmasq can act as authoritavive DNS.


Hi Jim,

You’re right. Dnsmasq can act as Authoritative DNS Server, but partial (
But here, we are talking about NethServer and as Giacomo said, “Sadly we never designed current DNS implementation for such scenario.”, …

And the same behavior occure:
It’s just an option to set or not.
Is it the developper to choose how to use NethServer or is it the user to choose how to use Netserver?

Why not let Nethserver versatile with the option to set or not, and offer the choice for the final user?

If you let dnsmasq behave as authoritative dns, the adminsitrator must deeply understand how the dns protocol works and be able to configure many options which are actually hidden to the users :frowning:


I use for my domain, it’s free.
NethServer comes with Unbound DNS (, which can be configured to be an authoritative dns (you can find some docs on the net).


Since Nethserver 6.5… I don’t remember read something about the change from Dnsmasq to Unbound…
But it can be a fail of mind :smile:

You’re right!

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Unbound is running along with dnsmasq for spam checks when using the mail server.

Don’t try to have the last word

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  • Sysadmin are not dumber
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A little hint for the developers: could unbound be a useful replacement-with-upgrade of dnsmasq?

First feature could be DNSSec

It could, but NethServer depends heavily on dnsmasq and its features.
That’s why we use both. We could change how we link them together.
Dismissing dnsmasq completely will be a huge work.
We can start with a plan today, I’ll happily contribute to the discussion.

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It looks like unbound can’t act as an authoritative dns… anyway it would be great if you could add such capabilities to nethserver in a future version(zentyal can do it but your distro is much better)

I think it could be a good idea… a small enterprise and bigger ones need autoritative DNS

I think we can try to follow this document:

so… it’s the nsd which act as authoritative dns… but can it be set to work with nethserver? and jim… yes…you are right… small enterprises need to host their own nameservers and they don’t have an extra server (and IP) for at least one nameserver.