Set up ejabber to work even outside my network

How do I set up ejabber to work even outside my network

yes sir. i have been able to connect with pidgin but i cant seem to get the web admin to work. it keeps showing 404 error

Can you please add a screenshot of your pidgin configuration? You should make sure that pidign port is opened on your firewall/router, take a look a this as well

That is not the problem. I can’t even access the configuration page on the
server. It keeps saying 404 not found. I have experienced this on 2
different nethserver 7 installations

I have error 404 page too but jabberd works…

Check in Network Services -> ejabberd -> Edit if “red” zone is checked.
If isn’t checked, check it.

Then open the 5222/TCP port on your router from internet to your Nethserver IP

it is not the red zone issue. it says 404 too on the green zone. i cant access the admin page for ejabberd