Set Dovecot vsz_limit with a prop

@davidep I propose to create a property in order to change dovecot vsz_limit, this will allow sysadmins to change this value at will without having to mess around with templates.


Ok, I’m waiting for your PR :wink:


  • define the new prop (say, VszLimit) under the dovecot DB key
  • set a backward-compatible default value for it (empty string is better)
  • describe its allowed values, how to change its value and how to apply the change in the README
  • add a proper dovecot.conf template fragment (no expansion with empty string)

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Maybe an empty value that results in no vsz_limit setting at all is the best backward-compatible approach!

Is there a neth-default value for vsz_limit ? This value could be added as label, or a button with “reset to default”.
Second option is worse imvho.

Two requests in 4 years are not worth an UI IMO. The dovecot default value (I don’t even know what is it) is good in 99.999% times. So I see no good reason to change it and even adding “our” preferred value because future dovecot versions may change the hardcoded default.


So this is a path for rejecting proposal?

Not at all, there is other properties who also don’t have a UI. This is just to avoid sysadmins the need of creating a custom template.