Server not reachable

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708

Hello all together,
I went into the problem that I can’t reach Nethserver. Neither with putty nor the webinterface.
Squid doesn’t work anymore
After a restart everything is fine again.
For finding the error I looked at messages.log, sogo.log and squid cache.log and access.log, because these are the services I work with. I don’t find any relevant error messages. Squid don’t find the database at localhost by starting the server new, but I think this is no problem.
Which logs are also relevant?
Thanks for help in advance.

You may also try search all logs to find “error”, “warn”, or “fail” with grep or with log viewer in UI…

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Hi Markus,
thanks for your answer. I checked the logs like you said, but didn’t find anything.

Any other ideas?