Server-manager - lost configuration?

Hi I just trying/starting work with Nethserver.

After 3 months of using 1st time configured Nethserver, today I discover some problem.
I would like to make some changes in configuration, but in “server-manager” I see only empty settings - really no one configuration settings are not there.
In backup-config I see all my “data settings” such as Accounts, Configurtion, etc

Server is working, still good and alive… :slight_smile:
It is difficult for me to make some changes on “working server” now.
Somebody with similar experience or some advice? I have no idea.

Could you attach a screenshot?

I can of course, coz I am searching some solution :slight_smile: I have cca 10 users, 3 samba shared folders, some web shared folders. Some examples follows:

Please, try the following commands at a Bash prompt:

systemctl status smwingsd
systemctl restart smwingsd

Also the output of the following command can help

journalctl -u smwingsd

As alternative, reboot your server.

Thanks, server was rebooted, it doesn’t effect. I dont see daemon with that name inside. Whats that daemon do? I hear no words about it

Sorry I am looking for some info about

Hi @maio, it seems you’re using NS 6.

Please do the following:

  • check the db files are in place, this commands should give a long output:

      config show
      db accounts show
  • check the smwingsd daemon is running:

       status smwingsd
  • look for errors in /var/log/messages

Post your findings here :slight_smile:

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Hi giacomo
as u can see :slight_smile: I use it in “production environent”, so I am on still NS6.
I thought about some alpha/beta of 7, but only few infos I can see about stability test in work environent.
As u can read before I did write database is correct, I can read, write keys using db/config commands - I see all settings in DB and everything seems correct. The server makes job as from first start…
I have the problem with web interface “server-manager” only (I see no problem anywhere except. web interface ) and it is a “little diffcult to me” make all changes on commandline only.
smwingsd seems OK too, there is no reported problem on its own log, in messages I dont see nothing more, or interesting.

Hmm may be I will try fullbackup, new installation and restore. It does take little time against searching whats the problem

I’ve really no idea. :open_mouth:

@davidep do you know some trick for GUI debugging? Do you know any other log to analyze?

As last change, eventually, can we remotely access the machine via SSH?

It’s hard to say… From the dashboard screenshot I see there’s no data from any esmith DB. It can’t be a single corrupted file!

Log files could give a clue:

  • /var/log/httpd-admin/error_log
  • /var/log/messages

Also rpm -Va sometimes helps

So it looks problem was in /var/lib/nethserver/db.
On some files I had owners " root:root ", but correct owners must be set to " root:adm " and everything’s now seems correct