Server Manager freezes during restore procedure

Hi there!!! I’m making probes in a virtual machine I Found this problem.

make a config backup in 7.3.1611 final ISO and installed the 7.3.1611 UPDATE 1, then I copied the backup and restore the configuration then the server manager Freezes.

I’m reinstalling the machine again and will try to make backup config again in a snapshot to know if the Update1 to UPDATE 1 works fine (we are probing Nethserver to replace a SMEserver 9.1).

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for testing @hector!

If the server manager freezes during restore, the machine could be reachable on a different IP.

Please, share the complete /var/log/messages log file (by pasting it on, or similar services).

Ok is reachable via SSH, but i format it, i’m trying to recover a backup from update 1 to update 1 (if it works is good) in a snapshoot i’m going to try Final iso to update 1 again

Now was to diferent, I rollback and snapshot of the machine and restore the backup. It recover the backup and now it is asking for OCS (I’ve installed OCS in the first machine) then moving the menu it freezes again

here is the /var/log/messages

It defreezes, the following menus freeze the server-manager


IT doesn’t install the applications at Software Center.

Marihuana is cool for the system!!!

Ok it freezes parts of the menu.


After 5 minutes clicking on the menu (5 minutes a least ) it defreez.

I’m instaling the modules backup, nextcloud, OCS to know if it fails again.

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