Select notice of receipt automatically

we use nethserver6.6 primary as mailserver. There is one little thing, that makes me often nervous.

If I send an email, I wish to have everytime a notice of receipt. Now I have to think everytime about this, but sometimes I forget …
It would be nice, if a could configure this as standard for my mail-account. Now it’s only possible to configure the REACTION of an mail notice of receipt.
Hope there is a way to comply this

Thanks for all tips…

Are you referring to SOGo? Unfortunately there isn’t such feature, you have to ask SOGo developers. There is already an old request: :expressionless:

Edit: roundcube has such feature.

maybe in a Sogo update it would appear

Nope, that’s the code when you receive a receipt not when you send one. No way, unfortunately.

A postfix DSN could be a workaround?

Hi guys,

One more question about “notice” for sending emails.

There are two main options, IMO, for a sender to know if an email reach the destination or not:

  1. Return receipt - but that depends by the receiver of email.
  2. Delivery Status Notification - I think that depends by the email server.

My question is: if we use NS as Email Server, how can we have DSN?

For me, DSN is more useful than RR.

Thank you in advance!

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Postfix has some options to enable DSN. I’ve tested them in the past.
I’ll try to have a look at postfix docs in the weekend.

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Hi Filippo,

I found some docs about this but I have no knowledge how to do this work properly.
From what I understand, no big deal but …

And if possible and you agree to implement DSN in NS may be made certain settings for this from UI as email module options ? Too much to ask?
I’ve used something like this in the past, but I can’t remember exactly what.

IMO as system administrator, will be an improvement for Email Module.

Alessio, what do you think? Can we open a new topic for this or not worth the effort?

What do you think Davide, Giacomo, Nas, Ctek, Jim, RoWiHei, …?