Security: Update OpenSSL 1.0.2 (old stable; EOL) to 1.1.1 branch (TLS 1.3...)

OpenSSL 1.0.2 is EOL at end of this year, less 15 days (2019-12-31).

Can you update OpenSSL to 1.1.1 branch?

In same time: TLS 1.3 will be here…


The openssl package is provided by the upstream CentOS project, which in turn compiles RHEL 7 source code.

RHEL actively patches its packages with latest bug and security fixes. Sometimes during minor distro releases a package version is bumped, provided the newer version is backward compatible.

So the answer is no, we cannot update the version of any package provided by upstream.

I’m closing this thread.


You can change it for a best security and for NethServer admin :wink:

Self-compiling arbitrary packages and pushing them into a running system leads to great system unstability.


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