Securing the SMB file server with a (static) password ? (without AD)

Hey there,

I’m aware that

Authenticated access to shared folders is available with an Active Directory accounts provider. LDAP provider allows guest access only.

But still, is there any (un)supported way to secure the SMB server, even with a static password ?

Thanks for your advice.


Yes it is possible if you are willing to do some out of “nethserver” configuration.

It’s so lang ago i can’t recall how how i’d managed it but is was discussed it this thread

NOTE It is a old reference : it can be inaccurate! Just to provide an possible direction for your demand.

Thanks @mark_nl ! I’ll report my progress.

Looks like it’s still working. Didn’t perform much tests however.

Anybody sees potential problems other than those related to backup / restore operations ?

Obviously this configuration is not saved in the backup, i case of a full (disaster) recovery it has to be configured again. AFAIK local passwords are not included in the backup.

Interesting test case is to see weather the ownership of the files are preserved after a restore.

You may create a test file from a windows client to safely delete after it is included in a backup;
Delete and restore this test-file.
Check the owner ship on your server (ls -l ) before deleting and after restoring it.