SCRAM authentication requires libpq version 10

Hello everyone, there is a way to solve the issue : SCRAM authentication requires libpq version 10?
thanks for any advice.

libpq version 10 is provided/ compatibile with CentOS 7?

This is a lib provided by PostgreSQL, right? So you will need PGSQL 10 to add the correct lib version.
Something like: sudo yum install postgresql10-devel

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it says nothing to do…



You’re missing the Postgresql Repo, see here:

My 2 cents

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I shall not install PGSQL 10 on a distro who’s already shipping 9.2…

Hi @pike

  1. PGSQL 9.2 is already quite dated (EOL) on Centos7 / NethServer…
  2. NethServer as such does not even use PGSQL - so no conflicts.
  3. PGSQL10 is available for Centos7 / NethServer
  4. MariaDB is already several versions on the same server, as soon as NextCloud is installed.

If needed, there are 4 valid reasons for PGSQL10…
Any good reason why not?

My 2 cents

The sysadmin should be aware of what’s doing…


I’ve never used either SoGo or WebTop, Zammad is “fairly” new, and Zabbix / PHPMyAdmin / PHPPGAdmin are 3rd party contributed modules…

So besides WebTop / Zammad I’m not incorrect. I thought WebTop uses MySQL, my bad… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Andy, sorry. As a matter of facts and as stated by you, due to WebTop unfortunately you’re wrong.

Currently Webtop is part of the “standard” packages/modules of NethServer, therefore if someone starts to tinker with PG10, Webtop automatically is a no-go.


Already stated this…


Maybe I am hitting some shins with a steel boot, but I always preferred SOGo over Webtop. :zipper_mouth_face:
And MAYBE the @webtop_team should work on a rewrite so a more up-to-date version of PGSQL can be used.

Maybe the SCL version of postgresql10 works too:

yum install rh-postgresql10-postgresql-devel

SCL should be preferred to external installations, if possible.


At the end of it I’ve made turn around, thank for the effort by everyone, I’m too afraid to touch a production enviroment … so I get solution moving to another location for the db. should I close it right?

Yes, you may choose your last post as solution.

@trogloraspa one nice thing of nethserver is… that you can install quite as many as you want and… do some experiments. So, by one side the “fast” option is to put DB into another server, you can still experiment for consolidate things into your setup.

As stated before, PostGRE SQL is not “default” for the scratch install, but become necessary only if some modules “asks” for the delivered one.
On the other side…
Consider that the installation of modules/packages not part of NethServer can be a bit of headache when comes to… upgrade NethServer Version :wink:

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