Schedule content filter updates - crontab?


Glad I have found this application, which I am using for web content filtering at present, running in a VM on home network - so far, so good. So much easier to use than pfSense…

I am wondering if there is an update feature which will set a regular update schedule for the blacklist filters (say once a month).

If I need to create a crontab entry, what script should I run ??

Thank you ahead of time,

Bill Clark, Windham, VT

FWIW, I did find this, referring to version 6:


Blacklists are updated every night using the script: /etc/cron.daily/update-squidguard-blacklists The script will download and merge all blacklists listed in /etc/squid/blacklists. This actions can take several minutes.

Is it still automatic in version 7 ?

Yes, it is, here are the docs for version 7:


Thank you, Markus.

Hi @kappclark,
does it work for you? So please mark the answer as solution.

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Thanks for the heads up - YES This did solve the plm. However, I have tried in 2 browsers, but I do not see the check mark box next to the heart, as u posted. Not sure what’s up with that, but thank you again.

Bill Clark

You’re right. It was because you posted it at the feature category. I changed it to support, now it should work.