Scenario for Instalation on single drive and degraded RAID1?

So I originally begin migration of an old SME server to Nethserver,
old configuration was with 2 HDD x 1 T with software Raid1.
Keepeng way fo step back for me is to keep 1 drive from former Raid 1 in safe place until new configuration is up and running.
So I I start instalation for new system w/o seen to much on startup screens for RAID options, thinking that Raid will be estabished on to signle drive and later when the second drive come in place it will be fully functional.
Migration went just as described in How to w/o big problems.
Instalation for the KVM and migrating some W2003 from old Vmware 2.0 server to KVM was tricky but was succesfull too …
Then finaly I was suprised when cat /proc/mdstat just did not show Raid :slight_smile:
I need short advice/link for what should be next move for establishing fully functional Raid 1.

you can’t

you have to backup and restore

Thank you for reply,
12 h backup done,
so now carefully repeat instalation with single drive again,
but can not find the way to create Raid1 with 1 of 2 drives installed?

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Sadly you can’t create a machine with a degraded raid, Anaconda doesn’t allow it.
But you could do something after the installation, check out this guide:

IMHO, you should always install a server with at least two hard drives :wink:


Thank you Giacomo!,
you are right - server storage should be redundant - but in this case the point was migration, not new instalation, anyway.

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