SavaPage integration for managed printing

Yesterday I was at T-Dose, a annual Dutch opensource event. I had a talk about NethServer and one of the people in the room was a Dutch developer of an opensource java based printing application that gives you a lot more control about the use of your printers. It also allows for payed options for printing. This is especially useful in schools where students have to pay for printing.
But it also allows to avoid printing: By giving options to edit prior to printing and send a PDF instead of printing on paper.
The project website is at
I understood that it is developed as a (java) layer on top of CUPS. We already have CUPS as a module (printserver module) and java is already available if you choose to use WebTop as collaboration application.
Therefor I think it shouldn’t be too hard to add this as a module (or extra addon for the printserver module)

Some more info about savapage:
Code abailable on
Savapage FAQ:


Looks very interesting but I don’t know very well the matter
@jaapvdv @gecco @Jim @PaulM55 as cups experts will likely have some insights here

@robb I had time looking for a solution like this

It would be great to implement it in NethServer, @alefattorini I’ll wait for rc2 to verify its operability

I have clients who consume many leaves in impressions for leisure, and the necessary ones to have in physical are few.

I had been asked for a tool like this long ago to save on sheets and costs

It is a tool that would look great on NethServer but you have to do the necessary tests for its operability

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@robb I wanted to join to add the Spanish language to savepage

Thx bro


How are you, my friend @robb , I started the translation work for Savepage, it’s an arduous job.

But I’m working on it


Hi Jose, in the meantime I received comments from the developer of savapage on my install howto on NS7. I will post a complete howto soon.

Great! Are we translating also extra addons too? :neutral_face:

Very curious about developer’s thoughts

@alefattorini I am translating into Spanish to be another language in savepage.


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Today I have been busy creating a howto. It is quite extensive. I will create a separate topic in the howto section.
See Install SavaPage on NethServer 7