Samba trash (recycle bin) autodelete old files?

Hi, Samba trash autodelete old files after x days or there is a manual operation to do like “empty trash”? Where can I configure it?


Hi Fabio, unfortunately, there is no autodelete operation after x days but it might be a handy new feature if you use trashbin heavily. Is there anyone else interested? How can we elaborate such feature?
Clearly in the meantime a simply cronjob can do the same

We use trash in all shared folder.
For me would be enough a simply automatic deletion of all file older than 30 days (like gmail trash, without other options) + a button “empty trash” in shared folder configuration.


Hi Fabio, thanks for your proposal! I’m not expert of the Win side, so I ask: is it possible to send “Empty the Recycle Bin” command from the Win Explorer ?

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It would be a nice additional feature, perhaps make it configurable within the NethServer UI; how often to autodelete; hours, days. Then perhaps expand on the concept as to which files not to autodelete.


Just a tough: is a cron job enough?
(Well a slow and heavy cron job which crawls the whole ibay tree :see_no_evil: )

Do we need to crawl Trash folders only? It sounds quite fast to me… Don’t see any problem here!

@davidep is right we need just to delete old files into /var/lib/nethserver/ibays/*/Recycle Bin or just for the shared folders checked
We have also an opened issue, who’s the author? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It would be perfect!

Thats what i use a cron with a find /xxx -mtime +xx -exec rm {} ;

Someone forced me to do it: I deny any involvement! :smiley:

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Can’t forget to account for those that don’t want to autodelete files in the recycle bin. Some may want to do it themselves and be selective.