Samba share and file access logging

Ewwww… no, the v7 is rc1, upgraded yesterday, not production.

My NS 7b2 is in fact NS 7 RC1, upgraded from Software center.

Left the ns7rc1 to sit overnight, had a look at samba-audit and it was populated!.. but last update was at 3am and though looking at a share with win explorer starts throwing lines in the smbaudit.log, samba-audit just won’t ‘reload’ it’s stuck at the last 3am load and it’s almost 10 am here now.

Did you “played” with some rules regarding “work time” or cron job or …
Maybe I say a stupid thing but you said that this NS it’s a test machine and maybe you did something.

Why don’t you reinstall?

I’m kinda musing out loud.

I will install fresh with an rc iso from sourceforge, it’s time for this install to go and to start building a new production mail server for migration from 6.8.

I also have an email server on 6.8 and I want to “upgrade” to 7.
First, I want to check if works with multi different domains and with WebTop. Giacomo said that should work. I don’t know about WebTop. On 6.8 I use SOGo.

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