Samba Cut & Paste Errors

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Samba?
AD system with Windows 10 clients
We are seeing a lot of these entries in the messages and samba logs
smbd_audit: change_to_user_internal: chdir_current_service() failed!
What brought to attention was cutting a file from a share and pasting in another share. The original file remains but owned by nobody. The user can then not open or delete the file. Permissions have no effect on the problem. Console access can delete the file.
Is anyone else seeing this issue?


Hi Gordon

Using Samba on NethServer has a few (minor) issues, especially with Win10, but nothing unsolveable.

One is permissions to open / use an .EXE file.
This can be set with a permissions template.

Cutting a file, like in your case, can also need additional permissions.

My 2 cents

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Have a look at the post of @dnutan. Perhaps he can help a little bit more than me.


Thanks @Andy_Wismer & @m.traeumner
I have used that code before to be able to run executables but did not equate it to cut & paste. In this case it was simply pdf files from a scanner that needed renaming and relocating. This should not be a blocked operation. At this stage the adjustment appears to be working.


Hi Gordon

Glad it works!

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As Nethserver is by its core a file server maybe this acl feature should be setting globally or per ibay.
Creating, moving or renaming files on a share is a day to day operation.
Interesting is it only started being an issue about 2 weeks ago on this system.