Samba 4 Share Access

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708 (Final)
Module: NSDC & SMB

As an AD and file server everything is ok (roaming profiles, cups…).
To access share we have to use credentials : user@domain and password

For an domain integrated clients : it works.


For a client NOT joined to the domain with a local user on the machine, could we have an ALIAS for accessing the shares like user instead of user@domain ?


Have you tried if it works login with DOMAIN\user ?


Hi @desuarez,

I think you have to set the domain correctly to access the share on the domain controller by design. What about mapping network drives with domain\name credentials? Or what about guest shares for unjoined clients?


I agree with @mrmarkuz.
Mapping domain shares from i.e machine which has Windows “Home” or is not connected to DOMAIN should be done with DOMAIN\username

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Thanks a lot,

For example, I’ve laptops with local credentials : userX+passwd

On AD :
creating : userX+passwd gives userX@domain+passwd
and it’s normal.

But Is it possible to have ALIAS on the AD saying user1=user1@domain ?

Found this - maybe this could help you