Rsync cockpit option does not appear

I am trying to configure the backup in the cockipit, but the rsync option does not appear.

Just duplicity and restic.

How can I do to backup via rsync from the cockpit?

NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)

I have three nethservers systems and they are all behaving the same way.

I did a first test on an installation and it was possible to configure the backup in rsync, then the option disappeared.

On which backup device are you trying to do backup? E.g. cifs, nfs, usb, ecc…

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Windows local share

I can confirm this behaviour.

Yes, confirm. Maybe it’s a choice. Ask to @giacomo

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CIFS doesn’t reliably support hard links, which are mandatory to use rsync.
You can bypass the user interface validation and set the needed values in the backups database, if you feel brave. But it’s a backup, I wouldn’t risk.


You could suggest a basic configuration, for reliable local backup.
To back up network folders on samba in the domain.
No need for data encryption.

I prefer restic. I know it’s encrypted, but it’s fast and reliable.

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