Rspamd Scan/Learn non Engilsh language

NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)

Recently I got spam message to our mail server (which is Thai Language) then I try to paste message to raw message box and
select “Scan message”

Scan Result show REJECT as I expect

Then I select Upload SPAM (Seems success uploaded) and send message to my Spam checker mail account. I open by round cube but seem my upload message were become garbage as show.

But after a few days there are same Spam content show again in mail server :frowning:

Then I’m now not sure my above message are correct way to training Rspamd or not?

when you use your imap client (let’s say thunderbird or roundcubemail…or whatever …) and you move an email from the current folder to the junk you train rspamd also, same in the contrary way.

IIUC you seems that you have a bug in rspamd UI ?

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I ever move before but same spam content still show up.

How do I check rspamd UI properly work or Bug fix?

@stephdl Could you help him to find the bug?

Without log we have no chance to understand

What is the rspamd traces log when you receive the email

What is the rspamd traces when train by the UI

We are humans we can share throught english but computers only share by the logs

Check /var/log/maillog

Each rspamd transaction gets a specific ID you can grep by it, try to use a gist to share the log snippets

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