Rspamd migration

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I’m migrating my mail server elsewhere. Does it make sense to keep rspamd’s bayes database ? And if yes, how would I do that ? Google doesn’t have the answer…



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BTW since the source and target configuration were completely different I wasn’t able to use the backup tool. Sadly it’s not possible to restore only selected modules.

If you can install rspamd on the remote, maybe you could migratethe redis db.

Btw why this migration

I’m still using nethserver on the new target, but the config is really completely different.

Yes I was thinking of copying the redis DB but should I select particular keys ?

honestly I have no idea, maybe the rspamd telegram channel could be the good place to ask for

some hints, that GG gave (rspamd migrate redis database)!topic/rspamd/xUWHdoPHRqU

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Wow. Didn’t know they were software specific groups on Telegram. I did it, will report back.