Roundcube setup problems

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: Roundcube latest from software center

Hi all,

I’m new to your community and NS and seeking some help to get working with Roundcube.
I’m facing two issues and hope someone will be kin to help.

  1. First issue
    My NS server is siting behind HAproxy and serves WWW and Email services.
    I’m able to get to webmail login page from both LAN and WAN but I can only log in from LAN. When trying to login from WAN webmail login page is just reloading with error “Invalid request! No data was saved.”
    I think this can be related to HAproxy but not sure.

  2. The second issue
    I have few domains configured on NS to serve WWW and e-mails.
    NS server is configured with ex. - NS server domain and serves also for WWW and email.
    All users account are in and I have created aliases for to get the e-mail working for both domains. Also all the records dmark, dkim, spf also set properly.
    When sending e-mails from email client app on my computer to google all my emails are passing through and end ups in inbox on google (not spam folder) so all is working great!
    but when emails are send from Roundcube then all my emails end up in google spam folder. When check headers spf,dmarc and dkim test are pass but message id is prepended to NS server even when send from
    I’m understanding that NS email server is working correctly because when using email client app there is no problem at all and message id is prepended to domain which email was send for.
    So in basic when sending from email client app on my computer in local network: have message id prepended to and then no problem with spam foder at google.
    But when sending through Roundcube: have message id prepended to and then my emails ends in google spam folder.

On both problems I’m a bit lost and will appreciate any help on it.

Thank you for great software and sorry for my bad English.

So regard to first issue I turn on roundcube logs and can see successful login when from LAN:
Successful login for mylogin (ID: 1) from in session vismntgkr8aukkf5ulaclmj9a5

but when login from WAN I’m getting error:
[Failed login for mylogin from 213.205.XXX.XXX) in session (error: 1) is my pFsense with Haproxy

Any help much appreciate

after some research I found Roundcube and PHP7 virtual host (Invalid request. No data was saved) and that was my issue with login.
When changed php to 5.6 on the vhost I’m able to login from both LAN and WAN

cons to that is that my wordpress installation is displaying warning msg in the back-end so hope NS developers will sort it soon

Still no luck with issue nr 2 :frowning:

For issue n2 we need the full headers of an email