Roundcube: No managed interface in Nethgui/Cockpit

For Roundcube, no managed interface in Nethgui and Cockpit, no settings and no possibility to enable or disable…

Moved your request from #bug to #feature.
What Rouncube settings do you find we could benefit from having them on the server-manager?

In first, enable or disable the module.
In nethgui, it is done already done for:

  • ejabberd
  • Fail2ban
  • Mattermost
  • SOGo

In Cockpit, it is done already done for:

  • ejabberd
  • Fail2ban
  • Mattermost

SOGo is missing in Cockpit -> Applications:

it is about 13 thousand lines of code needed, only to enable or disable roundcube, does it sounds really essential

The developer team is good, with a huge willingness but his time is limited

For admins/users of a nice server, yes :slight_smile:

Then the work could start by a PR on

the status prop is not implemented, this is an example how it can be implemented

the default status prop must be created also in

after that the roundcubemail could be set to disabled.

…and of these, only Mattermost is a web application (and IMO, the enable/disable setting is redundant). Once again: what benefit is there to disabling an installed web application?

Example, disable for:

  • Some tests by the administator
  • Security problem
  • A temporary request from the CTO, CIO, …

…and how does simply uninstalling the application not accomplish the desired result?

Why we need to uninstall some applications if we must to install it again?

In that specific case a status prop is welcome to disable roundcubemail in the apache configuration

Yes for this specific PHP app, it can be a desactivation in the webserver.

I have seen that there are 2 possibilities of links, by defaut it must be only one “webmail” not “webmail” + “roundcubemail”.
Maybe we can have user possibility to choice manual link (https://domain.tld/XXXX and https://XXX.domain.tld/ in the configuration page (nethgui + cockpit).

It can be possible to have with this same base for phpMyAdmin…

talk is cheap, I am waiting PR now :smiley:

please detail what you are willing to do, we could valid what and not what to do and the best approach

1/ Minimum default settings page in Nethgui and Cockpit:

This is not only for Roundcube, phpMyAdmin, all other PHP apps…

Do not forget that if the app has a link, this link must be in Applications part of Netgui and Cockpit.
In Cockpit, for Nextcloud: there is a link to the software and “Settings” page :slight_smile:

You can change in the same time:

  • Webmail | Provides Webmail with RoundcubeMail for NethServer
  • Roundcube | Provides Webmail
  • Roundcube | Provides Roundcube Webmail

agreed, first this should be done manually by a prop, not sure the panel is needed now

this could lead to issue with fail2ban, not sure it is good, the path is watched by fail2ban

How it is done currently with?

  • Mattermost
  • Nextcloud

mattermost there is no jail IIRC
for nextcloud you can check

but this is my example, check the jail of phpmyadmin, we look after the path

Obviously maybe we could adapt it of course, but it is time, tests and so long

My message was about it works with Mattermost and Nextcloud, so it is possible for other apps too :slight_smile: