Roundcube extremely old


Bare with me because I’m a new user. I have just recently stumbpled onto this distribution and it’s great for my needs (mailserver only).
The only problem is the Roundcube package which sits on version 1.1.7.

I have found a newer version and installed it “using yum --enablerepo=nethserver-base install nethserver-roundcubemail” but the version doesn’t change so I don’t even know what the new package (should be 1.2.6 does if it does anything at all).

I’m running NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final).

Any help would be really apreciated.

I guess it is the EPEL7 latest release. Maybe EPEL testing has a newer version…

Why do you need it? What features/fixes are we missing?

Please share your experience!

Mainly for bugfixes and some other improvements.

The testing branch doesn’t have one either so I guess im out of luck. My only other option is to install it manually I guess.

Or yoi could try to ping the epel maintainer and let’s if the package could be updated! :wink:

You can also install roundcubemail from the remi repository, but becareful to not update other packages

BTW i’m not sure it worths to do it, except if you need php7 support

Thanks. It worked like a charm.

Now the only other thing is a small matter of /etc/roundcubemail/ being constantly reset. I suspect that it’s being recreated from some template? Is there a way to make permanent changes to it (I don’t want to allow users to edit their e-mails and that option is enabled on stock configuration)?

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NS works with a template system, all your modifications are changed when a specific event is launched. You have to make a custom template.


Hey thanks. I was searching for this but I guess I missed it in the manual.

Everything works great now.


If you have time, please share your finding with us :slight_smile:

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Well all I did was RTFM (read the frigging manual) and changed IMAP, SYSTEM, USER_INTERFACE and USER_PREFRENCES.

I have changed the IMAP file because it listed my server twice. Once as a domain and once as local. It’s useless since I’ll add another domain as an array if needed. So now I have a clean login interface without confusing other users.

The SYSTEM file modification helped me to remove the option to set/spoof a mail address. I don’t want users to spoof mail and why the option is enabled by default is beyond me. Now they can change anything except their mail.

The other two options just helped me make some global tweaks for users (like how their dates show and stuff). It’s not needed as each user can set this but it’s good to give them some default options based on what they would use.


Just to be sure, you have not directly modified the official template, hou have created and copied the files to /etc/e-smith/templates-custom ?

It rings me that I could put a simple example in tbe useful commands page


Of course I did. It figures that editing the file would only rewrite it on each update.

I copied the files to /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/roundcubemail/ and edited them.
Then I did an “expand-template /etc/e-smith/template-custom/etc/roundcubemail/” and Bob’s your uncle.


Wonderful, welcome in the ns community and i hope that you can fit your place here

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Great job!

welcome to the community.
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Looks you have some previous knowledge of template system :slight_smile: or you learn very quickly man!
Said that, you’re warmly welcome. Feel safe and please introduce yourself here