Roundcube attachment size

The attachment size is stuck at 2.0 MB. I have looked at the posts regarding increasing the attachment size and made changes to php.ini and also played with the cockpit php sliders to no avail. Is there somewhere else to make the change to increase the attachment size?


If php version requirements for roundcube have not changed then you may try with this (unless you have already stumbled upon that):

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i had tried that and it didn’t work. I just rebooted the server and it seemed to fix whatever issue it had.




As the germans like to say:

Reboot ist immer gut!
(A reboot is always good!)

This is not only valid for Windows, but also applies to Linux, the BSDs and even MacOS…
(Caches get emptied, sockets become free, memory emptied, and a lot more happens with a reboot…)

Also, even in Linux dependent services (not always well known or well documented) also get restarted, etc…

So i reboot often can help!

My 2 cents

Maybe a reload/restart of apache web server was required.

thanks all!