Roundcube and PHP7 virtual host (Invalid request. No data was saved)

same as @Hunv’s (homepage.home.intern)

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could you reproduce it if you set to the php to default ?

one question, do the homepage.home.intern is the default vhost of your server ?

If set to default roundcube works (but in case of having a custom wordpress on the vhost it wouldn’t have php7).

No, the server has a different fqdn (if that’s what you’re asking).

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ok I can reproduce, fun, however trying to reach wordpress with the homepage.home.intern which is another vhost, seems a bit weird for me, I even do not understand how it could be possible

isn’it ?

Tested SOGo (homepage.home.intern/SOGo)and rainloop (homepage.home.intern/rainloop) no problem so far, I suspect that when you use homepage.home.intern/roundcubemail you run roundcubemail with php7X and it is not compatible, if you set the php-scl to php56 roundcubemail becomes workable

could you test and report


Alias /roundcubemail /usr/share/roundcubemail
Alias /webmail /usr/share/roundcubemail

Neeed to go to sleep :smiley:

SOGo and Rainloop work but they get the php version from the virtualhost (at least rainloop).

  • If accessed through the virtualhost they get virtualhost’s php version
  • if accessed through server’s FQDN they get default (or module assigned) php version
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you confirmed my guess, with the vhost we got php74 and roundcubemail is not compatible


You’re absolutely right.
Any path suffix after the virtualhost FQDN will get virtualhost’s php version (in all or most cases I would say).

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Hi all,

It takes time for PHP to be up-to-date with all requirements.

My problem was with PHP-7.3 on a NethServer-7.6.1810 and I think version 7.3 was around since quite some months and it was still lacking a few things yet.

So imagine for 7.4 which is just a few weeks old and it’s not a stable release, just a Release Candidate…

  • Alpha 1 is dated Jun 13 2019.
  • RC6 was Nov 14 2019 and
  • GA is for Nov 28 2019.

Dated: 14 Nov 2019

PHP 7.4.0RC6 Released!

The PHP team is glad to announce the sixth release candidate of PHP 7.4: PHP 7.4.0RC6. This continues the PHP 7.4 release cycle, the rough outline of which is specified in the PHP Wiki.

PHP: Downloads // Current Stable PHP 7.3.11


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Yes this is for this kind of situation I gave up to use php-mod with my module, you upgrade the full php stack and we know to have some php applications not compatible to php7 like nethgui and now roundcube. Roundcube is in version 1.1.x in epel and last is 1.4.x, probably newer versions are compatible with php7x

I don’t exactly know how the PHP mod works but isn’t it possible to exclude like it is possible to include from using php7?

Sorry no solution except you do not use the vhost with php7 and roundcubemail

OK, I will think about it. Maybe I will setup a seperate vHost just for a custom roundcube instance and will redirect the /webmail to that new vhost.

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