🤖 Meet @discobot – NethServer interactive welcome/Discourse help guide

NOTE FROM @alefattorini : Now when you sign up to Community you’re greeted by @discobot who walks you through a series of orientation tasks. It’s pretty amazing.

You can see below how the discussion pans out. As you complete a task, the bot replies with the next instruction.

Thanks for joining NethServer Community, and welcome!

  • I’m only a robot, but our friendly staff are also here to help if you need to reach a person.

  • For safety reasons, we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you.

  • We believe in civilized community behavior at all times.

If you’d like to learn more, select below and bookmark this private message. If you do, there may be a :gift: in your future!


Excellent! Now you can easily find your way back to our private conversation any time, right from the bookmarks tab on your profile. Just select your profile picture at the upper right :arrow_upper_right:

Next, can you share one of these links with me? Reply with a link on a line by itself, and it’ll automatically expand to include a nifty summary.

To copy a link, tap and hold on mobile, or right click your mouse:

Cool! This will work for most links. Remember, it must be on a line all by itself, with nothing else in front, or behind.

You may have seen me use little pictures in my replies :blue_car::dash: those are called emoji. Can you add an emoji to your reply? Any of these will work:

  • Type :) ;) :D :P :O

  • Type colon : then complete the emoji name :tada:

  • Press the emoji button in the editor, or on your mobile keyboard


That’s :sparkles: emojitastic! :sparkles:

Sometimes you might want to get a person’s attention, even if you aren’t replying to them directly. Type @ then complete their user name to mention them.

Can you mention @discobot in your reply?

@discobot you’re great!

Did someone say my name!? :raised_hand: I believe you did! :wave: Well, here I am! Thanks for mentioning me. :ok_hand:

Can you make some words bold or italic in your reply?

  • type **bold** or _italic_

  • or, push the B or I buttons in the editor

of course I can

Great job! HTML and BBCode also work for formatting – to learn more, try this tutorial :nerd:

Can you try quoting me when you reply, so I know exactly which part you’re replying to?

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening.

Some people have a way with words, and other people… oh, uh, not have way.

Select the text of whichever ↑ quote you prefer, and then press the Quote button that pops up over your selection – or the Reply button at the bottom of this post.

Below the quote, type a word or two about why you picked that one, because I’m curious :thinking:

Quoting someone else is amazing!

Nice work, you picked my favorite quote! :left_speech_bubble:

Here’s a picture of a unicorn:

If you like it (and who wouldn’t!) go ahead and press the like :heart: button below this post to let me know.

Can you reply with a picture? Any picture will do! Drag and drop, press the upload button, or even copy and paste it in.


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Did you forget to like :heart: my post? :crying_cat_face:

Nifty picture – I pressed the like :heart: button to let you know how much I appreciated it :heart_eyes:

We like our discussions friendly, and we need your help to keep things civilized. If you see a problem, please flag to privately let the author, or our helpful staff, know about it.

:imp: I wrote something nasty here

I guess you know what to do. Go ahead and flag this post as inappropriate!

Our staff will be privately notified about your flag. If enough community members flag a post, it will also be automatically hidden as a precaution. (Since I didn’t actually write a nasty post :angel:, I’ve gone ahead and removed the flag for now.)

psst … I’ve hidden a surprise in this topic. If you’re up for the challenge, select the search icon at the top right :arrow_upper_right: to search for it.

Try searching for the term “capy​bara” in this topic

:herb: :smiley:

Yay you found it :tada:

  • For more detailed searches, head over to the full search page.

  • To jump anywhere in a long discussion, try the topic timeline controls on the right (and bottom, on mobile).

  • If you have a physical :keyboard:, press ? to view our handy keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for sticking with me @alessio_test! I made this for you, I think you’ve earned it:

Certificate of Achievement

That’s all for now! Check out our latest discussion topics or discussion categories. :sunglasses:

(If you’d like to speak with me again to learn more, just message or mention @discobot any time!)