Rewrite outgoing email address

Hello everyone, is it possible to rewrite the email address of a user when sending an email? Eg user@mydomain.local in

Setup in the “right” (for your setup) way your email client.
App on mobile device
Client on PC
Webmail interface on the user.

Thanks Michael, I already do this, but there are applications like Nextcloud that do not allow you to change the user’s email address, at least I didn’t succeed. So as a basic setting I don’t have the ability to do this. I know for sure because I’ve done it in the past that postfix can rewrite the source email address in another address.

Magical word “postifx” missing from the first post… :slight_smile:
Sorry for bugging you for the obvious.
Are you sure that you cannot change the FDQN of your server from mydomain.local to

EDIT: AFAIK via configuration fragment you should be able to achieve the goal you’re looking for, but i cannot help you on how create it. Use “fragment” and “postfix” into search

So what I want to do is simply have the possibility to change or rather to rewrite the outgoing email address, that of changing the domain is not mentioned.

Maybe not exactly what you ask but close enough:

  • Replace an internal address by an external address. For example, replace “username@localdomain.local” by “isp-account@isp.example” when sending mail from a home computer to the Internet.

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