Rewarding experts and special contributors

I’m keen to implement some meaningful rewards here, giving unique badges that reflect the unique, special, contribution members have made to the group or the project.

For example, time ago I granted the "Community Shaker" badge to @Jim

Today I’ve just created a NethServer Evangelist badge :trophy: and obviously the first person to earn it is @apradoc

Adrian, you have the option to use the badge title as your user-title if you’d like. Thanks again for your “trust” :ok_hand:


Oh That’s Cool!

Thank you Allesio, I love this group because practice a global solidarity in the diversity of our areas that here we meet, beyond the technological.

"Cheverísimo" is said to celebrate in my beloved Venezuela

It is possible to place this in my profile, only with the commitment and the responsibility that comes with that honorable mention

For most schools, with teachers like these :point_down: (teaching to program in python with games: Scratch, Pilas Engine and others.) With the guidance of my brother Rafael Torrealba - standing in the photo - aka The Cacique Guaicaipuro. :wink:

The girl in the photo :point_up_2: teaches Blender 3D, Krita, and other software for graphic design. They, like many children of my country, believe in Free Software and the Copyleft. The best thing is that they are not exceptional cases.

Our effort is for them :point_down:

… and for them. The teachers. :point_down:

From Juuntos and Caciquitxs we dream that the CMS Jokte! listed as one of the doors to the world of technology, to the children of our country …

… and in the server, hosting Jokte!, Nethserver

I am the old man of the left :point_left:. To the right :point_right: , two young students hacktivists in the Colectivo Carabobo Libre, happy to receive a new modem for the server.

Nethserver is like Caciquitxs. A great tribe. :moyai:

Detail of the presentation in the CTL 2016 :point_down: in Caracas. We have 2 other cities to visit.

¡Muchas gracias Allesio!

A big hug tribe!


Thank you mate, as I already said I’m always impressed by your work :dromedary_camel:

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Today it’s @enzoturri’s turn, I’ve just created a MailServer Expert badge and he truly deserves it thanks to these amazing howtos:

Vincenzo, you have the option to use the badge title as your user-title if you like. Thanks again for your effort! :ok_hand:


Thank you so much :grin:


Thanks to his strong commitment to testing alpha/beta releases, @GG_jr has earned the Tireless Beta Tester badge :trophy::runner:
Ehi friend, keep it up! :clap:


@GG_jr deserves it! :thumbsup:

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I’m honored! Thank you!

But I’m convinced that this is the result of a team work and I’m glad to be a part of this team! The NethServer Team! :medal:

Kind regards,


Today it’s the @dnutan’s day :slight_smile:
He did such a great work with some basic guides which several members have strongly requested!
He has earned the Amazing Guides Writer badge, assigned to who wrote several valuable guides and howtos :writing_hand::writing_hand::closed_book::blue_book::blue_book::ledger:

Marc you have the option to use the badge title as your user-title if you’d like.


Boys! NethServer, more than a Software is and will be our day to day as well as hakuna matata!

@apradoc Venezuela has potential and we must increase, give knowledge to the minds of all our brothers to be the best.

@alefattorini as the first day I happened to find on the internet NethServer, and great community. It is happening to many people in the world.

Myself and my company will support and imparts knowledge to all who wish.

Congrats brother @apradoc



Much obliged :blush:
This community keeps on spreading some love.


Today is the @jgjimenezs’s day, Jose is one of best guys you can meet in the IT space.
The work carried out by him is invaluable, 416 day/visits are an example of his commitment to NethServer
I can definitely say that he’s one of NethServer Community founders and he’s always willing to do the best he can. Every day he offers his great support to newcomers and coordinates our Translation team.

Said that, I want to award him with the Support Specialist badge

Take a look at his recent commitment!


Congratulation to my brother @jgjimenezs

Undoubtedly another son of the Golden Generation of our Venezuela

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@alefattorini Thank you friends, it is a great honor to belong to this community and be part of NethServer


Congratulations @jgjimenezs !!! :grin:

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:heart_eyes: Congratulations @jgjimenezs!

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Folks, did you look at this guy?
He’s becoming a terrific Beta Tester and brave @quality_team member!
@flatspin you have just earned the Tireless Beta Tester badge 
Keep it up and thanks from the whole community


I can’t wait to award @edi with the Amazing Guides Writer badge assigned to who wrote several valuable guides and howtos. Take a look at these links as proof of what I am saying:

Keep up the good work mate!



Thank you @edi, all your contributions are really great.:wink:


Thank you guys! :blush: