Review and edit Global whitelist

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804
Module: Web Content Filter
Is there any place into nethgui for review and edit the global whitelist?
As far as i can see i can only add domains or URLS… but i am not able to view the whitelist and edit removing no more allowed domains/URLS.

Or maybe my way to manage “always allow that sites” seems… wrong?

The URLs/domains can be viewed/edited/removed at the same page:


or manually edit the db:

Even in your screenshot the save button (at the right of the page) is not visible…
Anyway, a little… Feature improve or workaround:
starting from a carriage-returned list, add massively domains and URL.
Maybe a textbox or a multi-line list.

The save button appears on the very right side:

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I’ve take knowledge. enter key is also accepted.
But it’s necessary insert one row (URL or domain) at time. Bulk import procedure could be useful…

Maybe you can transform your list to entry1,entry2 and enter it like that:

config setprop squidguard DomainWhitelist domain1,domain2

Seems not working…
I added via nethguy some domains. Therefore i used your notation for add some other domain: no error received from shell, but no more DomainWhitelist added on list.

Anyway, instruction for batch add domains and URLs could be added to documentation.

I forgot to apply the config:
signal-event nethserver-squidguard-save

Be careful, the command sets the whitelist, to add domains you may use this one:

config setprop squidguard DomainWhitelist `config getprop squidguard DomainWhitelist`,domain1,domain2

sorry, didn’t read exactly enough. :blush:

@mrmarkuz the file /var/squidguard/blacklist/custom/whitelist/domains is generated by a template in /etc/e-smith/templates/var/squidguard/blacklist/custom/whitelist/ if I understood correctly.
With a template custom a simple file could be use to add a bulk of domains to this file, only not to be maintainable by GUI. What do you think?

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Very nice!

Create templates-custom dir:
mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/var/squidGuard/blacklists/custom/whitelist/domains/

Create /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/var/squidGuard/blacklists/custom/whitelist/domains/90customdomains and add your custom domains.

Apply config:
signal-event nethserver-squidguard-save

Seems bad…

You can edit the file with a editor like notepad++ save it and do the signal-event. Not that elegant as by GUI, but workable and not to complicated IMO.
But you can also make a feature request to @dev_team. :slight_smile:

Ok, “thanks but no thanks”… I suggest to add this feature (batch add whitelisted domains) but it’s not “critical”.
Unless it goes throught over 80 domains par batch…