Reverse Proxy Web Interface (Proxy Pass)

It appears that NethServer has the option of providing reverse proxy functionality via proxy pass. While I might sound lazy, I think a webgui for this functionality within the control panel of Nethserver would be helpful to allow intuitive control and reduce syntax error.


I agree, who wants to give it a try? :grin:

@filippo_carletti suggested me that we could integrate the function inside the new Virtual Host page :slight_smile:

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@Walter_Schoenly as suggest from @giacomo you should take a look at this discussion Proposal for ns7 VirtualHost page

Agreed, that post does cover the proxypass interface, and it probably the best area to cover it.

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As we’re now talking about a standalone page for ProxyPass, distinct from Virtual Hosts, I’d open this thread again!

Quoting from another discussion, it looks a good suggestion.

I’m releasing an initial implementation today based on an initial @giacomo’s work

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If I read this correctly, that is an NS7 Feature that you added, correct?

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A package is ready from nethserver-testing repository. Let’s move on, with the QA phase!