Reverse proxy not working

NethServer Version: 7
Module: reverse proxy

Hi everyone,

Is reverse proxy module working? I tried to set up a reverse proxy without luck. In the name field I wrote the name of the domain… let’s say… in target url I wrote initially just installed nodebb on my server and 4567 is the default port for nodebb), then an external IP (all of them with http:// or https://) but in both situations, trying to access that url, the only page i get is the default nethserver page.

So, is there something I am missing? Are there any other things that need to be set?

After a few more tests I discovered that the reverse proxy works somehow different than I thought. If I write in the name field let’s say “something” and then in the browser I try to access “” it’s working.

So the module is working but I have a question: How can I set up a reverse proxy for “” ? Just to clear - is not the main domain of my server.

I think you have to do manual configuration:

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That i was afraid of :smile:

Thank you @mrmarkuz

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