Restore in the Sogo (calendar and contacts are not working)

Good day. Restoring the Sogo contacts and appointments does not work!

What am I doing wrong!!!

Can you post the procedure you have follow to restore these data?

Thanks for your response. Have under restore data restore the folder vmail and so on. the emails are not restored calendar data …

Thank you

Each night (by default) a cron run to backup user data (filter rules, specific settings, events, contacts) and save it to /var/lib/sogo/backups you can restore the data with a tool sogo-restore-user , for example:

sogo-restore-user /var/lib/sogo/backups/sogo-2017-12-10_0030/ user

or for all users

sogo-restore-user /var/lib/sogo/backups/sogo-2017-12-10_0030/ -A

if you want to change the time of your backup for example (in this example, run at 4h01 AM):

config setprop sogod BackupTime '1 4' signal-event nethserver-sogo-update

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Thank you very much it worked …

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Mark as solution. Thank you.

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