Restore Getmail Pop3 Accounts


NethServer Version: release 7.7.1908 “final
Getmail: your_module


is it possible to transfer only the pop3 accounts from Getmail to a new server, and do I have to enter everything again? Since the new server is only Mail and Getway, a restore is actually not an option, since the AD is now held by Windows. It is also only about 30 users…

You can do it manually, but I never tested. This should be more or less the correct procedure:

  • copy /var/lib/nethserver/db/getmail file
  • copy the /var/lib/getmail/ directory
  • execute: signal-event nethserver-getmail-save on the destination machine

Thank you very much.
Unfortunately there is still fetchmail installed on the export server, so I have to write it off anyway, I hope someone else helps and the message was not in vain.