Report about what sites

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: Web proxy (report)
Подскажите пожалуйста. Как получить отчет о том какие сайты и в какое время посещал пользователь?

Tell me please. How to get a report about what sites and at what time the user visited?

Я разобрался. Это делает Lightsquid.
I figured it out. This is done by Lightsquid.

Подскажите как заменить в отчетах IP на имена пользователей?
How can I replace IP in user reports with user names?

I can just use English, it’s ok for us.
Didn’t you find that information into lightsquid?
If you want to see hostnames you need to configure properly your DNS or let NethServer act as DNS server.

I configure AD on the windows server 2016. The DNS and DHCP roles run Windows Server. NS7 I use as a proxy server. If I transfer DNS to NS7 then AD will not work (AD does not work yet, I just do the preparation for the launch). Is it possible to configure the display of names without changing the DNS role of the server?
Can I use 2 DNS servers on the network? 1 DNS Windows server, 2 nd DNS server on NS 7 for displaying user names.

One of the possibility is creating users and setting proxy mode as authenticated.