Removed packages

Hello guys,

I bring to your attention two situations that I’ve noticed about some removed packages:

1. VPN package: after the VPN package was removed from Software center -> Installed it is showing in Software center -> Available but the service “openvpn (OpenVPN), UDP:1194” still appears in Security -> Network services, in Status -> Dashboard the VPN Tab is still there, and in Configuration is still the VPN submenu (and can be configured further), even after the system was restarted (I did not tested if it still works).

2. Web filter & Web proxy packages: after the packages were removed, they are showing in Software center -> Available but the service “squid (Web proxy), TCP: 3128,3129,3130” is still in Security -> Network services. If the packages are reinstalled, they are already configured with the old settings.

My questions are:

  1. if a package has been removed it should not be removed and all “elements” related to it?
  2. the situations that I’ve described are normal or are bugs?



Web Proxy package: If you remove the Web proxy package, also will be removed and these packages (if already installed):

  • Web filter
  • Web server
  • Groupware
  • nethserver-roundcubemail (add-on in E-mail package)

(not happen if you remove only the Web filter package)

This is normal?


Yes, all entries from web interfaces should be removed.
The software manager handles only yum RPM groups.
When you install or remove a group, all mandatory packages within the group are removed.
If one of these package is a dependency of another package, also the dependent package will be removed.

If a group is marked as available, it means that at least one mandatory package is not installed, so the group itself is marked as not installed.
In your example, I guess only nethserver-vpn and nethserver-openvpn packages are installed, but nethserver-ipsec isn’t. So, the VPN group is marked as available.

If the Services page displays squid configuration, it means that nethserver-squid packages is still installed.
Again in your example, I guess you have nethserver-squid installed but not nethserver-squidguard, so the group is in available state.

It’s a little bit complex. but feel free to ask for more info :smile:


Hello Giacomo,

Thank you for your answer!
I’m pretty sure that I’ll ask you more info.

Have a nice and productive working week! :smile: