Remove old server manager

NethServer Version: Nethserver 7.9.2009 final
Module: nethserver-httpd-admin

I previously installed Nethserver’s old server manager. I no longer use it and would like to remove it. Not to disable, but to remove the entire package and service.

How can I do it?

Thanks for your help

yum remove httpd-admin

yum remove nethserver-httpd-admin

That’s all? Does the service need to be stopped or removed?

That’s all. No need to stop or remove the service.

Thank you very much. I couldn’t find any reference to its removal, so I turned to the forum.

Thanks and Regards

Sorry, I need to fix it:
yum remove nethserver-httpd-admin

After removing the package, the httpd-admin service apparently still runs on TCP 980, but an “Access forbidden” message appears. The port is open and the entry under System, Services shows its status…
How to remove the service entry from here and close the port?

You’re right, sorry I forgot a part of the full package name.

If memory serves me well it should be something like:

config delete httpd-admin
signal-event firewall-adjust    # maybe not necessary

Thank you very much. It was the correct solution.

yum remove nethserver-httpd-admin
config delete httpd-admin
signal-event firewall-adjust

Thanks and Regards