Remarkable change in fail2ban logs

From March 14th I don’t receive attempts to abuse openvpn anymore. Before that date I received up to 300 attempts per day on openvpn.
Now I see a mix of apache-noscript, postfix and dovecot…
You guys see something similar? (would the good news be that some exploit has been eliminated?)

My last post in the thread I started, when I fist saw this points out that mine suddenly stopped when my IP changed.

Since then I haven’t seen any more “brute” attempts.


My VPS is on a fixed IP address. I just noticed different behavior of incoming attempts to abuse active services…

Does the jail is enabled?


No it is possible that the jail is not enabled, check the status page of fail2ban


There still are attempts, but not the vast amounts as before march 14th…

But now I see the statistics, could there be another reason? the total amount of bans has hit 9999 Is that a hard limit?