Release of NethServer 7.4.1708 Final

Hi Ralf,
thanks for testing.


I can confirm that. Binary password in sogo.conf works:


You are right, I removed libvirt and on next reboot the virbr0 was away. I searched the net and seems to be a default libvirt bridge. Thanks again!

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I’ve updated to 7.4 final yesterday, but without a reboot. The password is still cleartext, not binary.
Did you have done a reboot after that?
I can’t do at the moment.

On an updated LDAP Nethserver 7.4 I have no binary password too and it works after reboot.
On a fresh installed AD NS 7.4 I have binary password and it works after reboot.
Sorry, I don’t have an updated AD NS 7.4. Maybe it’s like already created passwords stay in cleartext.


@davidep Do you have an idea for this? Is it a bug?

The upstream samba package was updated from 4.4 to 4.6 in CentOS 7.4. I suppose they changed the random password generation algorithm…

On our side, about one year ago we disabled the automatic SSSD password renewal function, introduced in 7.3 that breaks non-sssd aware modules (like SOGo, WebTop, Roundcube…).

I think we should stop to use the machine password to browse Samba AD LDAP and always require a dedicated account, like we do with MS AD. Local AD provider can generate it automatically.

No, as long as individual configuration templates and applications support binary data.


Hello. I decided to write about the problem after the update: I get the following
systemd-219-42.el7_4.4.x86_64 conflicts with dracut <033-499
Do you have any tips on how to solve the problem?

Hi @111,

actual dracut version is 033-502, so I think dracut will be updated and the conflict is gone…
In which situation do you get this error? On Update? Just found in /var/log/messages?


rpm -q dracut
If you find multiple packages at different versions use yum remove on the older ones.


A new ISO containing a small fix is available. Same file name - checksums updated.

  • MD5 bef85e768c5a0fb2b8f35d91e88f3ee7
  • SHA1 b38b74608e7f0462f4369f7b1effbe92b0a0cede
  • Torrent Info 7C62855279337B6ADC17920FC424288784B08D84

Please update the torrent seeders from


Thanks for the hint, everything quickly resolved with the removal of the old package.

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BTW, having multiple versions of packages is a symptom of a problem: maybe a simple failed yum transaction not to worry about, but also some unlikely hw failure.

Who wants to lend an hand on writing the 7.4 press announcement?

When the ISO is pushed to SourceForge some triggers are pulled and DistroWatch Softpedia and others start to blog about it.

We should release a blog post on to cover the event properly :beer:

I started a wiki page to draft the announcement, copying the old 7.3u1 from our blog, you can modify it:

Please, use Markdown syntax

We should include all improvements since 7.3.1611 update1. You can find the feature changelog on the manual and on the github changelog:

/cc @docs_team @ambassadors_group @dev_team @quality_team

Let’s join our forces and help our fellow @alefattorini :smiley: :pencil2:


I started with some lines in the wiki. I kept the 7.3 “template” and wrote above. I added the images to a new namespace “release” so that we don’t have a mess with other pics…


6 posts were split to a new topic: Account provider generic error: SSSD exit code 1

9 posts were split to a new topic: Special account for applications with simple LDAP bind

I wrote down the relevant points from manual and github to the wiki draft. Please check it out and tell me if you find errors in statements or have some ideas or feel that somethings missing or find some typos or whatever.