Refactoring our wiki

I have some time to devote to our wiki, I’m about to start working on it and I’d like to revive the discussion /cc @jim
I think we need to focus on two main areas:

@docs_team I’d like to hear your thought on that!

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Sure, we need to work on the wiki.

The main page is like this because there aren’t lot of stuff actually.

I think we must full more stuff for translation and Quality stuff.

My thoughs:
Add a download link in the first page.
We can write something about the NethForge.
We need more participation to fill Use’s Guides ( Proxy, webfilter., mailserver, AD service…)

I like the CentOS page. It has a menu at the top with clear differentiated names.
It is one place to find everything you need.
Clear topics: Help, Tips and Tricks, Howto, etc

If you open a topic, like bonding, first is a short explanation what it is. This helps to see is this solution what I need. Especially if you have to solve a problem the first time.

I agree with @Jim we need more material for the wiki. At the moment I can’t help a lot. I have to work on my business and I don’t know enough from the topics to write something.

Agree with both: download link and NethForge
In the meanwhile @dnutan is doing a good job on User guides

Agreed, we should follow their example. I see what I come up with.