Redirect email option

(Nitram Oneito) #1

@lucag would you also consider adding a re-direct feature for emails on webtop.
I think it will be an important Function
This useful in organizations in places where you want someone to take over the conversion withtout involving you.

(Markus Neuberger) #2

You are able to redirect mails with rules:

(Luca Gasparini) #3

I think the redirect that meant @oneitonitram was this:

“If you use redirection, your e-mail will be redirected to another e-mail address as if it came directly from the original sender’s e-mail address.”

It is not present in WebTop 5 and, if I’m not mistaken, it is not present in SOGo, Roundcube, Thunderbird and Outlook.

In any case, the @webtop_team can be asked to evaluate a possible implementation in the future :wink:

(Nitram Oneito) #4

Thank you. Thats the redirect I was talking about. I am glad you got it.
Its a very nice feature, especially if sales receives an email ment for IT. it can just be re-directed and all is well.