Re-structuring the Howto category

I’d like to better organize the #howto category. Looking a the post I feel like there are 3 different type of Howto:

  • tip and tricks (windoes logon, voicerss, get rid smarthost…)
  • additional software (odoo, fog, xerte, etc…
  • installation (proxmox, VPS
  • administration (make a simple server, raid, join AD)

What do you think? I’d like to split them into sub-categories, in order to make them more searchable

Another question, is this page complete?
I mean, are all community modules in this list?

We should close howtos discussions that have already a module implemented with a link to the specific wiki page

@mrmarkuz @docs_team @stephdl @robb


Good idea.

No, some are missing but could be easily added like the ones that already have a wiki page (ie. acme-dns), we just need to add the “module” tag.
For others we could make “placeholder” pages or add them to the modules page directly.

:+1: How to close a howto thread?



It can be done with a new page and others « tags » to organize in a different way…

Another way to tell: To let « as is » the actual organisation and make your re-structuration with another page and tags.

It’s the good side of the wiki force!


Sorry for the late reply. I can set up something like that:

Check the boxes above