Rainloop module

I don’t really have the time to support this or anything but thought I would throw it out there if someone wants to pick it up or whatever. Huge fan of rainloop so I made a NethServer module for it. accessible via domain.com/rainloop


Hi @James_Taylor, thanks for your effort.
Do Rainloop correctly interact with sieve filters, for your experience?

I do not know. I don’t use sieve filters.

Nethserver-template-update it sounds me something :wink:

Anyway it is a great shot, if you want i’m available to enhance your work

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Like I said. Anybody can do whatever with it. I’m sure improvements can be made by guys like you because I barely put together this simple one.

Great work! :clap:

does it is under the licence Do What the Fuck You Want To, even with this it should be announced

Let me check what I can do, honestly coding is like love, it is a multiplayer game !


I did a PR on github, for those who want to test I pushed a rpm on my server http://mirror.de-labrusse.fr/NethDev/rainloop/

yum install http://mirror.de-labrusse.fr/NethDev/rainloop/rainloop-1.12.0-1.ns7.noarch.rpm

the user interface is at  https:///yourIP_or_Domain/rainloop
the admin interface is at https://yourIP_or_Domain/rainloop?admin

login admin
pwd 12345

what differences from your work

  • apache settings are done by the spec file (rainloop.conf created)
  • php post_max_size & upload_max_filesize are set to 25MB
  • no actions to set the apache permissions (data folder is owned by apache)
  • data folder is denied to all (accordingly the documentation)
  • httpd is restarted on installation/uninstallation
  • php-pdo installed by dependency (needed if contacts are stored in mysql)
  • https is forced
  • upgrade to 1.12.0

Really it is just one shot…much should be done but rainloop is not so easy to customize like we use to do, why ?

Because the admin interface applies immediately the changes you do to /usr/share/rainloop/data/_data_/_default_/configs/application.ini and this file doesn’t exist before you use the admin interface.

This could complicate our template system, I have had the same issue with BackupPC and I needed to use sed to rewrite the configuration file.

I renamed this rpm to rainloop firstly because I want to separate the configuration for nethserver, from the binary that even you could use on a bare centos.

This webmail is fun, you can use it to replace the gmail webmail, or in the admin interface declare several domains that your users might use. Therefore you even do not need to install a full mail server.

At the first prompt, you must declare your mail server on the localhost or remote server, if you do not do this, only gmail authentication is allowed (use your gmail account)


Just want to add that if someone likes both Rainloop and Nextcloud, the latter has an app integrating rainloop client.


started to do a nethserver-rainloop

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I did the module, of course it is an alpha stage, check the documentation at https://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=rainloop

once installed you could use user or user@domain.com for login…something cool, the root user can login simply by root

Please test and report

What next to do

  • create a fail2ban jail to protect rainloop
  • create a ldap addressbook

Released in my repository

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