Racktables - Hardware/Software Inventory Management System

Hello nethserver forum,

Even though our office is small I’ve been looking at implementing Racktables to inventory our server closet for hardware and software. Looking at the requirements it seems nethserver does have the basic requirements covered to handle adding Racktables:


RackTables uses a web-server with PHP (5.2.10 or newer) for front-end and a MySQL/MariaDB server version 5 for back-end. The most commonly used web-server for RackTables is Apache httpd.

Racktables is open source but maintained by a small group that is keeping the development current.

Thoughts or recommendations on what others are using to manage their hardware and software inventory now that OCS Inventory is discontinued?

@davidep @giacomo do you have some explanations why the module has been dicontinued in ns7, can we still install ocsinventory manually in a virtualhost

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This is a good question. I think because OCS inventory was part of a monitoring suite together with adagios that has some upgrade issues. Probably OCS could run alone, without adagios… What do you think @nrauso?

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You know…Racktables would be an excellent replacement for Inventory…hint hint :wink:

@nraus just told he tried to install OCS on NS 7 and it works.

He will write soon an how-to :wink:

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Hi @greavette!

You can find a brand new OCS Inventory installation how-to for NS 7 here.

I’ll check Racktables out asap: thank for the hint!:wink:


Using RackTables to document my network infra/server. +1