Questions about subscription

About to order some subscriptions, a few things to note:

  • The FAQ link for questions (open a topic here) directs to page you are already on.
  • Due to shifting of the monitoring portal out of the Lasagna plan, I’d like to review again what the differences between the asset and monitoring portal are, but I can not find any info using either google search or forum search :blush:
  • From the howto, it seems I need the holder of a credit card or paypal account at the ready to enter his/her details. Is there an option to bank transfer the money and wait for that to be vallidated by your financial administration ? It is custom here that I receive a quote, get some ink on them, forward that to our financial administration, and have them pay it. I can probably do without, but it would be neat if this would be possible.

I will be needing 6 innitial lasagna’s, provided I could upgrade them later if needed. Depending on what the monitoring portal offers, that might become 6 Fiorentina’s

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I know. It helps people to open a new topic right away.

You can see the difference in your trials, asset portal shows NethServer info while the monitoring portal show alarms on critical issues and send you notifications by email.

We currently support just payments supported by Paypal.

Sounds AWESOME! Let me know if we can help further

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