Question regarding DNS on member servers


Hey all,

Quick question regarding DNS on member servers joined to a Nethserver Samba AD domain.
How am I supposed to set up DNS the correct way in this scenario ?

I did the following atm, but it doesnt work for the Nethservers themselves… | : nethserver with samba ad role | : samba container and thus actual ad server | : memberserver 

I configured DNS as follows: has DNS server in the Networking configuration's DNS settings has DNS server in the Networking configuration's DNS settings

A client with DNS server configured can resolve all AD members.
This client can resolve manually configured DNS entries on’s DNS configuration page.

I can ping from and vise versa.

I can not nslookup from server2, without using server1 explicitly.
After joining the domain, this worked.

The logical guess would be that the records, created by joining the domain, have now expired, and have not been kept alive since. Is there a flaw in my setup ? Something I do not get about how the mechanism actually works ?

I think your setup is good! BTW server2 DNS config should work both as domain member and standalone server.

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Crap … it’s time for bed … I’m using names from environment 1 in environment 2 and am wondering why it isnt working … .sorry guys.

(They are very alike because some idiot decided to change domainnames mid-implementation)